Medical Toroidal Transformers

Medical grade isolation transformers are high quality open style toroidal transformers with dual 0-100-120V primary windings suitable for 100/120/200/220/240V, 50/60Hz operation and 2×0-120V isolated secondary windings which may be connected in series or parallel, or used as two independent 120V supplies.

INDTRA medical grade toroidal transformers are installed in medical devices used in hospitals, medical research facilities, and biomedical companies throughout the world.

Product Details

Design Advantages of INDTRA medical transformers

Min. air clearance
Min. creepage distance
Low leakage current
Min 4000 VAC dielectric withstand between primary and secondary
Low temperature rise at load and at over load

Power ratings 50VA to 3000VA
Primary Isolation 5KVrms
Secondary 5KVrms


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