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We are able to design & manufacture a wide range of custom-built mains and output audio transformers. We manufacture line matching transformers, which ensure all the loudspeakers in a multi-speaker environment have a consistent feed from the audio source and there is no drop off of the audio signal level. We use high-quality iron cores to manufacture these line-matching transformers.

Product Details

Rang 50VA to 5 KVA
Output Voltage 24V
Cooling Type Dry Type/Air Cooled
Phase Single Phase
Input Voltage 230V

INDTRA designs and manufactures professional toroidal audio transformers, ideal for high-end designs. High-performance audio equipment demands absence of AC noise. We can design a solution that can isolate at a high level and deliver the clean power demanded by top audio companies.
We offer a broad range of standard toroidal audio transformers products that can be quickly and easily configured. We provide the specific wire harnesses, enclosures, and even electrical circuit designs your application might require.


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